“What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization.” - Abraham Maslov

One can describe Naushad Awadia as a “Diligent” and a “Determined” individual who wants to dedicate a great portion of his life in educating and counselling students from all backgrounds. He believes that with the right direction and motivation, no career goal is impossible.


About Naushad Awadia

Naushad Awadia has completed his Bachelors in Psychology from a reputed University. Apart from this, he has a Certification in Global Career Counselling from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension) and has been certified as to their Super Counsellor. He holds a Post graduate certificate in Basic skills for Career Counseling from Martine Luther Christian University, Shillong. He is a practicing licensed counsellor of the Jiva Method of Counseling. As a Career counsellor, Naushad touched the lives of 3000 + urban and rural youth and guided them to choose the right career matching with their aptitude, skills and interests, also facilitated youth and their families to find their own ways to cope-up or resolve problems and challenges by counselling. He is a special invitee member for governing council of The Indian Association for Career and Livelihood Planning. His vast educational background coupled with his experience makes him a numero uno choice for education counselling.

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